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This section shows all the attractions that can be visited for free inside of the company. Each of these wants to be a new and fun way to discover the Monferrato Casalese.

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The installations represent two out-of-scale hammocks, a new way to enjoy the surrounding landscape and experience the feeling of being a child again.

FOSSIL # 18: The jellyfish

The “TerrEmerse” project was born from the passion of the sculptor Giorgia Sanlorenzo to enhance and promote the territory of Monferrato, an area with a long geological history with marine sedimentary origins. Through these fossils, therefore, we want to revive the ancient inhabitants of these hills.


Our U-Force 600 vehicles allow you to experience unique adventures in our vineyards. Tours with U-Force 600 vehicles can be combined with various tasting packages. We recommend the use of glasses for both the driver and passengers.


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