Denomination: Vino Spumante di Qualità


Region: Piedmont


Typology: Sparkling white wine


Vineyard: La Melì, calcareous soil with layers of tuff


Grape variety: Cortese 50%  –  Chardonnay 50%


Winemaking: The harvest begins between late August and early September. Just harvest the grapes are gently pressed, and the must is left to decant. The first fermentation takes place in steel vats at controlled temperature of 15 degrees, to maintain the freshness of the bouquet. When the fermentation ends, the Charmat method begins: the wine is placed in an autoclave for the prize de mousse.


Alcoholic Content: 12% Vol.


Colour: Straw yellow with greenish hues


Tasting note: Elegant wine, well balanced with a distinctive taste. Pleasantly savory. Perlage is particularly fine and persistent