Denomination: Vino Bianco da uve stramature 


Region: Piedmont


Typology: Sweet white wine


Vineyard:  Prevost,  clay soil


Grape variety:  Moscato 100% 


Winemaking: It comes from a careful selection of Moscato grapes that are left to reach a high level of maturity. From mid-September begins the careful withered  in the vineyard, with the constant control of sugar content and the noble rot. After about 30/45 days will be collected the bunches which are a concentrate of sugar and aromas.  All the harvest steps are made exclusively by hand. These are destemmed and the grapes with a little juice are placed in stainless steel vats to start fermentation with natural yeasts. Short maceration on the skins maximum two days, but the fermentation continues until reach a good balance between alcohol and residual sugar. The wine is left to settle at least twelve months in French oak tonneaut to harmonize and balance even better the aromas and flavors. It is then bottled and sold after six months.


Alcoholic Content: 14% Vol.


Colour: Intense and bright gold 


Tasting note: Wine with rich and complex aroma. Aromatic, with hints of honey and candied fruit.